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Self-care and bringing yourself back to present moment

You know those days when you feel exhausted, listless, anxious or depressed? What helps in such moments is self-care that brings us back  to the present moment. Here are some techniques to help you take care of yourself.

Any emotional whirlwind or bad feelings you may have can be alleviated by anchoring and turning to the physical characteristics of the  environment around us. This technique can be especially useful at times when we are under stress and the brain keeps repeating  the same thoughts and ruminations. It helps us “get out” of the brain and connect with the environment in which we find ourselves and thus be more present in the present moment.

We can use all our senses to connect with the environment. Playing soothing music on apps or a YouTube channel connects us  with our surroundings through hearing. If you have a pet, touch can help bring you back to the present moment. You can also take a blanket or some soft fabric and wrap it around your body, focusing on the contact between your body and it. Lighting an incense  stick or smelling flowers or scented flowers can instantly connect us to the present moment. The scent of the trees in the park can have a similar calming effect. Brisk walking also helps to calm ruminating thoughts and brining us back to present moment.

Touching the ground with bare feet can have a grounding effect.

Setting yourself a task can also help bring you back to the present moment. Even the simplest tasks that require focus can help us step away from emotions or thoughts that are weighing us down. If we are doing something, it helps to be focused only on what we are doing.

If our attention is slipping away, it is good to notice it and gently bring it back to what we are doing. This kind of coming back to the present moment is similar to the ones used in meditations, and at the same time gives a sense of accomplishment because we have done something. This can have a positive effect on our motivation.

We can also try to imagine a stressed version of ourselves and mentally hug her or provide her with some other kind of care. This visualization exercise helps us connect with our inner concerns in a manner that is nurturing.

Connecting better with the present moment in each of these ways helps to take care of yourself. It helps to clear the brain and later we can easily return to thinking about the problem or whatever caused the stress in a calmer way.

These are some of the ways in which we can take care of ourselves in moments of exhaustion, weakness, lack of will or stress. You are invited to let them bring you back to present moment.